Anton & Mark Balog

Anton & Mark Balog

Artemis Wines is a family run winery situated in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. Winemaker brothers, Anton and Mark Balog began making wine in the Southern Highlands in 1996, being the third winery and the first winemakers to plant Pinot Noir in the region. They are now well established and known as the Pinot Noir Pioneers. The Artemis Distillery was constructed over the last decade and produces a unique range of premium spirits.

Both Anton & Mark have a passion to produce wines of European complexity and structure with intense Australian varietal definition. The Artemis winemaker’s philosophy draws on the Natural Elements by using a blend of old world and new world winemaking and viticulture techniques. They continue the strong tradition of passionate family winemaking, now in its seventh generation.

Artemis is the Goddess of Creation, the Wilderness, Harvest and the Moon. These related attributes held by Artemis, are required in grape growing and winemaking.  The symbol of Artemis Wines is the Crux Quadrata cross, also known as the sun cross and in the pagan era represented the four seasons. In later times, the cross was adopted by the early Christian church and can be found throughout the Mediterranean.  The Artemis Crux Quadrata is derived from a carving on a church wall overlooking the little bay at Žuljana, Croatia. The land for this church was donated by forebears of the winemakers. 

The Southern Highlands is a premium cool climate wine growing region, situated in New South Wales between Canberra and Sydney. It has a sub-temperate climate with mild summers and cool winters. The altitude of the Artemis vineyards are between 600 and 700 metres.

Award winning Artemis Wines are enjoyed by a worldwide audience of wine lovers.

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