Producing extraordinary wines and spirits is not enough in this day and age, exceptional marketing skills and efficient logistic protocols are also required to enable this centuries-old beverage to reach satisfied customers throughout the world.

Australian wine is acknowledged throughout the world for its outstanding quality in all aspects including taste, drinkability,  consistency and marketability. The company recognises these attributes and through experience, creative passion and expertise have created dynamic wine brands that not only align with the Australian objectives but complement the Company’s consistent and premium wine and spirit production.

  • Artemis wines holds a strong domestic quality foundation for their renown wines. Our wines are highly rated domestically and by international wine critics such as Robert Parker MW.
  • Collaborative work with Austrade; the Australian government export initiative provides financial and marketing support for export/import partnerships internationally. The EDMG grant administered by Austrade provides such support.
  • Our team personally visits importers internationally to present our esteemed wines and collaborate on the best marketing plan for each region. Samples are available on request.
  • Artemis Wines will support premium wine shows and events internationally to promote sales and support selected partners globally. For example, ProWein and The Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair.